FocusScan RX II

NEW - FocusScan RX II - The Next Generation.

TD Handy-ScanRX

Hand-held multifunction & portable phased array ultrasonic system.

TD PS45 Pocket-Scan

Multi-channel conventional UT system which is Ethernet connectable to your laptop.

TD Corrosion Mapping Kit

Includes CCTV camera for video positional encoding.

TD Pocket-Amp

Battery powered 4-channel UT pre-amplifier.

TD Scan Software

Fully-integrated software suite for TOFD, pulse echo & phased array capability.

Custom Solutions

Our aim - Technology Design development teams provide customized solutions to the most challenging.

Product Selection Matrix

Pocket Scan PS45
4 Channel 8 Channel 16 Channel 32 Channel
Handy Scan RX
16:64PR 32:64PR
FocusScan RX II
16:128PR 32:128PR 64:128PR
Number of Conv. Probes
4 8 16 32
4 8
8 8 8
Active Phased Array Elements  
16 32
16 32 64
Phased Array (Connectors/Elements)  
1/64 1/64
2/64 2/64 2/64
Built-In Motor Drive    
Integrated PC w/display  
Corrosion/Area Mapping
Weld Inspection