Manual Ultrasonic Scanning with Technology Design Products

Although Technology Design’s advanced ultrasonic systems are primarily designed for computerized ultrasonic data acquisition and analysis, they may also be used for standard conventional UT. Phased Array and TOfD use a combination of high-end electronics and graphical software for advanced signal processing, imaging, and analysis. These systems ultimately rely on transmitted and received ultrasound and therefore data may also be displayed as a simple live A-scan. It is possible to use any of the Technology Design systems in conventional UT applications using only the A-scan for defect detection and characterization.

The A-Scan window may be resized for improved visualization and on-board real-time measurement tools may be utilized with a click of a button on the default main screen. These tools may display the defect’s beam path, depth, and projection distance based on the highest amplitude signal within a user-established independent gate. Code compliant amplitude correction is achieved using the Time Corrected Gain (TCG) method. The signal from each reference reflector is tagged and adjusted by simply dragging onscreen point markers to the desired position and screen height. The system automatically extrapolates and displays the relative correction curve.