Custom Solutions

AIM custom solution

Our aim - Technology Design development teams provide customized solutions to the most challenging applications. We offer specifically designed electronics for complete integration from Gantry systems to large and small custom sub-assemblies. Our project management is unsurpassed and allows you to be involved in every step of the process in order to produce the product you envisage to the highest standards.

Hardware – Our electronic platforms have the intelligence to apply multi-channel Phased array, ToFD and Pulse Echo with integrated positional encoding in two axis range of motion. We also offer an option of our own small format motor drive control that can be included with the card stack.

Software – Customers have the choice of utilizing our own world-class TD-Scan software or their own using our interface that may be customized to your specification. We welcome your ideas and have software teams in place to implement new features and improvements to our existing software offering.

Applications – Applications may be developed to inspect almost any type of material with various ultrasound techniques. This would include cast, forged and wrought alloys as well as composites, polymers and other materials. Your custom technique may require specialized hardware configurations that Technology Design has the ability to develop and implement. We will strive to meet or exceed the requirements with our modular card stack solutions combined with our open architecture software options in order to give you the competitive edge and satisfy your customers.

  • Phased array, ToFD, Pulse echo – individually or simultaneously
  • Phased array: 64 element cards may be linked up to 128 elements
  • Pulse echo/ToFD: 8 or 16 channel cards linked up to 128 connections
  • 190V high tension voltage
  • 8 and 14 bit data
  • Up to 100Mhz sample rate
  • 0.25Mhz to 50Mhz System frequency
  • X/Y motor drive and positional encoding with closed loop control (PID)
  • Signal output to analogue control device